Things to Do Before You Move

Two months ago, my mom and I made a list of what we needed to do to prepare for a huge move. We had been saying we were tired of living in the area for years and we just wanted new scenery. We figured six months was enough time to save up some money for moving expenses, so halfway through the year we worked our butts off and saved as much as possible. We finally had a little nest egg, but we had to sit down and talk about our plans to see if we still wanted to go through with the move. We decided yes, we wanted to see something else. We gave it a couple of months and that’s when our list began. When you’re getting ready for a move you will need to find a new job, find a place to live, and visit the area.

Finding a New Job

Luckily for us, we had enough money saved up that even if we couldn’t find a job within the first few months, we would be okay. It was really me that needed a job. My mom had already been retired and was living on her retirement income. I sent out tons of resumes, and every time I landed and interview, I would try to schedule it at least a week out in case someone else called so I could book them around the same time. We weren’t looking to move that far, but it was far enough that we had to plan our travels.

Finding a Place to Live

One of the toughest things about relocation is finding a new home. Nothing will ever feel like home because it’s all so new. It’s a foreign environment and no matter how much you like the new place, it will take some getting used to. Mom and I stayed awake for several nights when we first moved into this house. Newness can be quite exciting, yet scary. If things work out the right way, you can look for new employment around the area where you landed the new job. If that’s not the case, then you will have to pick an area. Make sure to get reviews on the areas you are considering. Check the neighborhood crime rates also.

Visit the Area

Visiting the area is so important. I’ve moved to an area temporarily once and it was awful. I was so glad I didn’t put any permanent roots down. It’s always best to ride around, check out the shopping areas, the town, the downtown area with businesses, see what the rush hour traffic is like. You want to find out as much as possible about the new place before you move there. Think of all the things that would be deal breakers in a new area and make sure none of those are there. Make a list of all the things you like about your current area. Your new area should top those things if it’s worth you moving. If you find you may need help moving, you should search any relocation services austin tx.

Deciding to move is not easy. At some point you have gained a level of comfort at your new location. Every time you move you will be starting from scratch. The good news is it can be done, and you can be successful. Just do some proper planning before you take the steps. A few things you need to do ahead of time is find a new job, find a new place, and visit the area.