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How to organize your move to Florida on a budget

Moving is stressful and it entails organizational problems and sleepless nights. Its always a huge endeavor that requires good planning, clever organization and a lot of prep time. If you are moving on a budget all of the moving stress and problems become even greater. Interstate moving like moving to Florida is even more expensive than a local move. So, how can you organize a move to Florida when you don’t have much money, how to do it on a budget?

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As in any other activity, moving can also be done with some savings and tight control of expenses. First of all, it is important to know that moving to Florida is not considered a local move. Moving to Florida means crossing state lines which makes it an interstate move. Interstate moves are more expensive than local moves. With local moves the price of moving is formed in relation to the time it takes while the expense of interstate or long-distance move is always determined by three factors:

  • Weight of the items being moved,
  • Distance to be covered and,
  • Services you require.

Weight is a big factor in the moving bill on a long-distance move but it can be controlled considerably. The distance is set so we can’t influence the moving expense determined by distance. Services used during the move can considerably influence the total expense of a move so analyze it carefully to try and save.

Keep the cost down – organize the move on a budget

Like any move, moving to Florida requires good strategic planning, organization, long checklists and sleepless nights. To keep the cost of your move down means to make a moving plan in such a way that will make it easy for you to save up during the move. Certain points can help you make your move efficiently, without breaking the bank, but you should always have a money reserve in case of unexpected expenses. So, here are some elements of the moving process that can save you money.

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Hire professionals

You should always consider hiring a moving company to handle your move. To keep the cost down you should try to get moving estimates from and research several companies to make sure you are not overpaying. This also allows you to compare the service packages and chose wisely. When you are moving on a budget the price is your primary factor but you should try to pick a company with a good reputation and reviews that are licensed and insured. Hiring a moving company also allows you to opt for some other services if there is a need for them like packing, full moving service, etc. Some of them like will provide special moving services, car reallocation and others so be sure to research them.

Although it is not recommended, especially for long-distance moves you can also choose to do the move yourself. The option is to lease a moving/shipping container that will be a storage unit for your belongings and also a shipping container for moving them. You can also rent a moving truck and get your belongings moved yourself and with the help of your friends. Using these options, you can save a bit of money during the move but it can be riskier than using a professional service.

Plan and organize your packing

Strategic packing is essential. It is clear that packing in time can be beneficial in organizing and executing efficient and cost-effective packing and moving. A lot of your belongings you don’t need or they can be bought in Florida which makes them a burden and an expense. To keep your weight down you should first try to get rid of all of the things that you don’t need in the future. You should try to purge them in order to save money on moving costs. Stuff like duplicate items, worn out things, outdated electronics, replicable furniture, and similar things will make your move very expensive. By donating them, giving them away or selling you are making a step towards saving on moving costs and also getting fresh financial inflow to help with your moving budget.

Once you clear out all non-essentials proceed to pack those household items by yourself. You can always use a professional packing service but since it can be very expensive its recommended to do the packing yourself. You can also recruit your friends and family to help. To keep the cost down even more you can gather cheap or even free packing supplies. Cardboard boxes can be acquired from a local grocery store, old newspapers and paper can replace bubble wrap and Styrofoam box filling and cushioning. Instead of buying or renting storage containers you can use suitcases or even garbage bags to pack wardrobe and similar things. By sorting your things, decluttering and packing DIY you can save considerably and save big on your move.

Consider alternative services

There are always some options to organize a move on a budget. As sed, you can always opt for a do it yourself move without hiring professionals. You can rent a shipping container or a truck and do the move yourself. These options can be risky without the input and assistance from a moving professional however some new and modern options can help organize your move to Florida on a budget.

Many professional moving companies offer new services to their customers. One of those services is a backloading option. It works by leasing a large cargo truck or a trailer that is compartmentalized to accommodate multiple customers. Every client gets to use the same trailer and their belongings are transported via the same truck and at the same time. In that way, the full price of a truck rental is split between the clients thus keeping the price for each one down. the save made in this way can be considerable.

Consider alternative moving methods and DIY solutions. / Washing machine visible from the back of a truck

The other option which is similar is the option to transport only one bulky item in a separate truck while moving everything else yourself. This means that the truck is hired to transport only one or a few, usually valuable and fragile items. In this way the cost of the transport in total gets lowered, however, this particular service is more expensive but it allows for more control in the delivery process.

So, while there is no sure recipe for moving organization on a budget there always seems to be a list of things as a guideline. It is impossible to list all of the things to make your move cheaper but we can always make a start by pointing out some of the elements on that list. The fact is that, when you are moving on the budget, you have to be creative and find out the points that will save you money. Thinking out of the box is the first step or the start of a list, so listen to some of our advice and just keep moving.