Questions to Ask Potential Movers

If you’re hoping to hire a professional mover to transport the contents of your home from one place to another, ensure your life’s belongings are well taken care of by finding the right company for the job. After narrowing the field to a few businesses in your area, interview a customer service representative from each to choose the firm you can trust.

Available Services

Consider the types of assistance you’ll need throughout your move to determine which moving companies Tampa FL will be right for your relocation. Most any firm with basic offerings will be sufficient if you only want your larger pieces of furniture transported. However, you’ll need a full-service team if you’re hoping to have them pack, transport and unpack your furniture and belongings such as glassware and electronics.

Accurate Estimates

As you’re speaking with the company’s consultant, ensure you get an accurate cost estimate so you won’t be surprised by the bill – some even offer a “binding not-to-exceed” bid to guarantee your fee. While most charge based on the total distance and number of items in the move, others also consider the amount of time the job takes. For longer distances, many firms will require an on-site consultation to go over exactly what pieces you’ll need packed and transported.

Safety Ratings

When it comes to the firm’s safety record, however, don’t simply take the representative’s word for it. Ask for its U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) number to conduct your own research. Use the number to find it on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Company Snapshot search engine. The results will enable you to not only verify its license and insurance but also determine the number of accidents its drivers have had while on the job.

Additional Credentials

After asking basic questions about the company’s history, such as how long it’s been in business, if it’s incorporated in the area where you live and if it’s a licensed interstate mover if you’re heading to a different state, double check the answers on your own. Search for records through the American Moving and Storage Organization, Better Business Bureau or a local consumer affairs group using the firm’s DOT number.

Checking out a mover’s credentials, services and reputation ahead of time is the best way to find a reliable company. Although you’re busy planning your trip, this preliminary legwork is definitely worth it to ensure your possessions are safe and sound.